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“We are loving, learning, serving, and playing together with our 5 little kids: Isaac (9), Elise (7), Caleb (5), Laura (3), and our beautiful little baby girl. We love sharing our life and connecting with you! Check out our website to hear our story: https://www.jhousevlogs.com/ — J House OUT.”

We have been sharing our lives on social media for 3 years now. Jeremy works from home now, managing J House Vlogs and also combining his love of law with his passion for YouTube in his law firm (I think I forgot to mention, he is a lawyer). I stay home and I stay busy with our 5 kids, who can barely remember life before YouTube. My happiest moments are when I am teaching and reading to our kids, and we are exploring life together (until we all get hangry – and then tantrums happen – it’s life). Anyway, Isaac is our oldest and came to our family after two years of infertility treatments. He is 9 years old and a smart and thoughtful guy who is a good friend, incredibly clever, and obsessed with sports. Elise is 7, and she is the most tender-hearted, creative, and loving girl who loves to cook, help, sing, and dance. Caleb is 5 and has a dynamite personality. He is always climbing, thinking, and endlessly one step ahead of me. He is the one most likely to make me laugh and scream at him in the same 5 minute period, and then snuggle up with him in a giant hug. Laura is 3. She is at the wonderful stage of asking a million interesting questions and saying the funniest things. She loves to sing and seems to be a performer at heart. The other morning I was sick, and she crept into my room and covered me with her own little blanket. She is such a sweet heart. Janae is the newest addition, active and intensely interested in everything around her. She lights up all of our lives and life is immeasurably better now that she is here.