New Tool Ranks Social Influencers for Brands

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New Tool Ranks Social Influencers for Brands

Ever wondered what the value of your social media reach is? Well, there’s an app for that. Actually, it’s a metric called the ROI Influencer Score from ROI Influencer Media.

Instead of only measuring followers or reach, the score is calculated using engagement metrics including views, shares, likes, retweets, and more. They also factor in historical data and performance over the last 30 days, as well as the demographics of the influencer’s audience. The score breaks down influencers in specific categories such as fashion, parenting, or food.

Sean Kean, CEO of ROI Influencer Media believes this is an industry shift in how brands will select influencers to work with. “The follower count was a very good 2013-2017 marker but now with the score, it no longer is,” said Kean. “There’s no reason to guess or philosophize on who the influencer is and how they’re performing.”

Brands are interested not in the influencer, but in their audience. The dashboard tools of the ROI Influencer Score will give brands details on the audience and even information about the performance of previous sponsored posts.

In the past, brands mainly relied on influencers with high follower counts, despite frequent low engagement. Kean believes the score will help brands identify micro-influencers who are in a better position to drive engagement with their target audience.

ROI Influencer Score

Though this new data is exciting, there are some who are still skeptical. Dave Giglio, director of influencer partnerships at Digital Media Management, believes the tool is still vulnerable to tactics that can drive fake engagement numbers. “You’ll still need someone digging into [through an influencer’s account] to make sure that stuff is real and authentic at the end of the day,” said Giglio.

Kirby Brooks Todd, director of social strategy at Epic Signal, speculates that this tool may change the growth and engagement strategies of influencers looking for brand deals.

“Sure, this could hurt the type of influencers who are just focusing on obtaining followers without engaging them in an authentic way,” Todd said. “But in order for us to progress in this influencer/brand partnership world, we can’t just be looking at them like a billboard—that’s not what social is all about.”

ROI Influencer Media currently ranks 30,000 influencers. The trick now for Kean is to get brands on board with recognizing the score as a reliable metric.

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