CVX Live is Expanding in 2018

CVX Live is now in it’s fourth year. Each year has provided a gathering place for fans to meet social media stars, creators to connect and grow, and businesses to learn the latest strategies for growth. All in an atmosphere of entertainment and learning surrounded by some of the biggest and most knowledgeable names in the industry. Each year we’ve seen the benefits of CVX Live for it’s attendees as we watch smaller creators become some of the biggest in the world. We see smiles on thousands of faces, and we see social media blow up with #CVXLive hashtags.

In 2018 CVX Live is bringing on key new partners to grow into an even more comprehensive event. It is expanding it’s reach into the blogger world. This additional focus will benefit creators of all platforms as we combine strategies for growth from a new perspective, as well as broaden the reach and monetization sources of creators. CVX Live will be bringing in top talent from the blogging world, and attracting their loyal followers.

It’s new strategic partners include some who are well established in the blogging world, as well as the music industry, and family vlogging.

The format of the event will be altered somewhat to adjust to these changes and additions. There will be three levels at the convention center in 2018. The FIRST level will be for general admission, and will have the most affordable entry fee in the history of the event. This will allow access to the main stage, vendors, as well as fun entertainment booths. The SECOND level will require an upgraded pass, and will give access to talent booths and the panel stage. The THIRD level will be reserved for those attending classes and SuperFan experiences.

All performance entertainment will be featured on the main stage while there will be a new panel stage for on level 2 for questions and answers with talent.

SuperFan experiences are changing for 2018. They will not be available for separate purchase, but will be included in some ticket purchases. Ultimate Passes will allow for 3 SuperFan reservations in advance of the event online while some Viewer Passes will allow for SuperFan Experiences that must be reserved during the event at the SuperFan kiosk.