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"It was so much fun!!!! I love how casual it is and how if the creators aren't doing a meet and greet you can often find them wandering around. I also love how clean the atmosphere is. I have brought my 6 year old sister both years so it's important that it's a family friendly environment. Thanks!!!!!"

CVX Live 2016 Social Media Convention Highlight Video!

"The classes were awesome. I learned many important tips about YouTube and facebook. Networking was the best!"

"We can't believe we were at CVX Live a week ago! It was one of the best things we have EVER been to!" -Wilky Ways (Brussels, Belgium)

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"Overall, one of the best days of my life! I will definitely remember this and will go again."

"This was the most entertaining, most educational social media event I have ever attended!"





Now accepting entries to the 2017 Next Big YouTuber Contest! CLICK HERE TO ENTER! ROB LANDES is the CVX Live 2016 WINNER of the Next Big YouTuber contest, and wins TV appearances, promotion & collaborations, and incredible prizes including an iPad!

CVX Live

NOW accepting entries for the 2017 Next Big YouTuber contest!  CLICK HERE TO ENTER! The TOP 5 finalists from 2016 are Rob Landes (winner), The Piano Gal, Ideas for Hollywood, The Wilky Ways, and The Five Strings!  2017 prizes to be announced.  2015-16 prizes included television appearances, a 7-day cruise, camera kits, audio kits & more!

CVX Live

NOW Accepting 2017 Video Submissions!

Creator | Viewer Experience Live

Meet top creators, future top creators, learn industry secrets, and enjoy a constant stream of main stage entertainment.

Salt Palace - SLC, Utah

Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah is home to many of the most talented online content creators in the world!

Summer, 2017

THREE days of non-stop entertainment & interaction with your favorite online content creators!

Performances, Panels, Contests & More

Hear from your favorite video content creators, as well as the fast growing newcomers. Educational track, the “Next Big YouTuber” contest & more!

Meet top video content creators.

Millions of subscribers, hundreds of millions or billions of views each.

Top video content creators, live performances, Q & A sessions & panels, competitions, booths.  Meet current & future stars, shake their hands, get a selfie, get a signed photo with your favorites.

Live – Music, Magic, Science & More.

Performances, contests, Q & A panels, videos, booths, vendors & more.

There's always something happening on the main stage.  Check out the booths full of YouTubers, vendors, & fun.  Wait in line to see your favorite stars for free, or attend a Superfan Experience in a special room with limited attendance.

Enter the “Next Big YouTuber” contest!

CVX Live will help you make it happen.

See who will be the NEXT BIG YOUTUBER!  Congratulations to the 2016 winner Rob Landes!!  2017 contest will be accepting applications SOON! 2017 prizes to be announced.  2015-16 prizes included:  Top 5 were highlighted on the main stage during prime-time & appear on an ABC 4 & KSL talk shows!  Winners promoted by top participating channels, collaborations, 7-day cruise for 2 from Cruise Lady, a camera starter kit from Allen's Camera!

Watch Premieres of Pre-Release Videos

From your phone to the big screen.

There will be many video premieres by top creators.  2016 included the Wold Premiere of "Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling."  It's a whole different experience watching these videos in a theater format on the 25 foot main screen.  Especially when you're watching with the video creators.




CVX Live 2017 Stage Signup

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